Welcome to United Kingdom Wammco® all styles of martial arts & martial sports confederation

Dear Masters, Shihans, Clubs & Organizations and Federations

Open World Unied Martial Arts Convention 2015©

When: From Friday 13 Nov to Sunday 15 Nov 2015

Where: In copper box venue in Stratford London UK

  • *former Olympic Games 2012 sports venue
  • World United Martial Arts Sports Cup 2015 on Saturday 14 Nov

  • (Open to all styles Japanese, Korean, Chines, Oriental, Western join with there team) In
  • For both TRADITIONAL and non TRADITIONAL martial arts sports styles

  • For BOYS, GIRLS, Male and Female ALL AGES CHILDREN, JUNIORS, CADETS, Seniors & SENIORS VETERAN +40 + ALL GRADES Individual Form/kata, Individual contest/kumite and Team form and Team contest
  • A - Open form/Kata/Tao lu/Patent/pomse (for all styles)
  • B - Open weapon form/Kata Kobudo - (for all styles point system)
  • C - Contest/Kumite Sougobudo for all styles
  • Contest Sougobudo rules (for all standing styles wammco® martial arts sports rules)-(karate, kungfu, taekwondo, kick boxing, hapkido and etc
  • D - World united Martial arts seminar on Friday 13 Nov (It is Open to all styles)

    E - World United martial arts conference on Sunday 15 Nov

  • In the World conference representative, president of each styles and club can participate registration in advance need to be done.
  • F - World Referee seminar Friday 13 Nov

      G - Martial arts gala- demonstration

    • to show our art of martial arts, registration need for it

    VISA: For teams need visa to England border you need work to have all information in place to provide for embassy, please remember the rules are very hard to get visa, you need be totaly ready with all information for each person in your team.
    Please feel free contact us for future information.

    Thank you,
    F. Dariagard
    President of World Unied Martial Arts Convention 2015 committee