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Wammco Newsletter for national and international activity's will be update for 2015


International martial arts & Cultural Event will be in London Uk

Open World all styles of Martial arts sports cup 2015

  • Please add to your 2015 prgram. All federation's, organization's and clubs of styles arund the world are welcome to the unified World cup.
  • Program, Time & Place: From Friday 13 Nov to Sunday 15 Nov 2015 in Copper box venue (former Olympic Games venue 2012) in Stratford London UK -Thuersay technical seminar - Friday 13 nov, World referee seminar - Saturday 14 Nov Form weapon art/kata kobudo - form/kata and Contest sougobudo competition rules for all standing styles
  • WAMMCO World Martial arts Black belt Examination 2015

    WAMMCO World Martial arts Black belt Examination The official examination will be hold in last day in weekned of event. all teams can send application form to join world examination. more information will be update under www.wammco.org please feel free for any information you need contact us in WAMMCO.

    International SOAS university of london Martial arts festival 2015

    International university martial arts festival 2015 under WAMMCO support and co-operation will be in London uk 2015 and all university and collage arund the world are welcome.. The program for ISUMF 2015 1. International university martial arts sport championship 2015 2. International university martial arts conference 2015 3. International university martial arts lecture 20158 4. International university martial arts seminar 2015 5. International university martial arts Gala 2015

    International open Asian & Ocean all styles of Martial arts / Budo sport festival

    - Please add to your 2015 prgram.

    International open Asian & Ocean martial arts sports & karate & kobudo championship 2015

    Place place Dhaka Bangladesh. Time: (time will be update soon)2015 Saturday Kata & kata kobudo championbship. Sunday - Kumite shobu ippon - Kumite Sougobudo championship -------------------------------------------------------------------------------